Management Consulting: First Impressions

So it’s been a little more than a month (my internship, not counted) since I started with my first project – perfect time to build first impressions! On the one hand, it’s a jungle out here. With so much happening every minute you can’t help but feel that you’re running just to stay in the … Continue reading

And I saw the magic happen

Sunday morning, breakfast at Candies with two batchmates from IIMA (let’s call them A&B*). It’s been less than 3 months since they joined their jobs out of college and we were obviously talking about work, among other things Me: So, A, what kind of products does X (the place where A works) deal with? A: Well, … Continue reading

IIM Ahmedabad: Reflections

So, 2 years at IIMA are now over, and 2 months hence, it is still taking me some time to let it all sink in. The place felt so much at home, that now when I sit at the window in my house, sipping my coffee and trying to reflect on the time gone by, … Continue reading

A day in the life: IIMA #2

I posted about my typical day during PGP1 some time back (although “there is no typical day at IIMA” is what the cliche suggests). It’s been a while after that and I’m almost nearing the end of my time here at this institute. Thought a post describing a day in PGP2 would be appropriate here … Continue reading

Hungry in New York

I write this as I gulp down the last piece of my tandoori roti with paneer-do-pyaaza for the nth time this semester. It’s strange how despite all the different food options available in India, I can’t help but pine for the variety I had back on exchange. If someone wanted a truly diverse set of … Continue reading

More power for your Electric Car

More power for your Electric Car

Originally posted on Consult Club @ IIMA:
  The Electric Car is hardly a new invention. In fact, they were very popular in the 1920s when Internal Combustion (IC) Engines suffered from drawbacks like excessive noise, vibration and the high cost of fuel. However, they left the limelight after the rise in popularity of IC engines…

Odd Pieces

Originally posted on rothinzil:
Sometimes I think I’m living in a miniature forest. At sunset, every winged creature within hearing distance goes into a frenzy. Outside the library, a large flock of some kind of small winged bird wheels and turns again and again, emitting shrill, confused cries. On the treetops, crows strike up their…

On blogs that inspire

It happens quite often, that you happen to be in the middle of something really amazing – but in the race to stay in there, you forget this fact – this feeling of being a part of this amazing thing – and the rare occasion when the realization hits, you feel guilty for having lived … Continue reading

Just a tickmark

The Checklist Manifesto – it sounded like a get-your-life-in-order-using-one-more-organizer type book, but then Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey endorsed it – I had to read! The message is simple: Checklists work. Especially in getting the dumb things out of order. The important insight that Atul brings out, is that a checklist, which is primarily a … Continue reading

As simple as competition

Competition Demystified – this book probably provided more clarity on competitive strategy than all my strategy classes taken together. I picked up this book after I attended a session by Bruce Greenwald – one of the authors of the book (and one of the coolest academics in my opinion) A simple yet powerful alternative to … Continue reading