Get Followed!

I was working on a business idea based on twitter, which prompted me to make up a few strategies to increase the number of your followers. I’m sharing a few tips which might come in handy.

  1. Your bio speaks a lot about who you are – make it easy to understand yet catchy (try to convey exactly what topics they can expect info on when they follow you) what not to write
  2. I always read the 2-3 tweets on top before following someone –  your tweets should be up to the mark and shouldn’t have a lot of random posts (your posts should be focused on what you have promised in your bio)
  3. Your background is a good place to add more info if need be (add catchy slogans, more info. , pics whatever you think might help you grab more eyeballs) know more

    This is a wonderful twitter background by @AdamPlitt

  4. Answering questions/interacting  = getting followers (when someone replies to you on twitter, (s)he advertises you in front of all his/her followers. Make sure you use this opportunity)


  5. Make sure you don’t compromise the quality or frequency of your tweets while trying to get more followers (Maintain a balance between working on getting followers and tweeting – following 1257, 7 tweets = pathetic)

Listing a few good sites if you want to learn more


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