Last week a Freshie Suffering from Dengue needed 5 units of O +/- blood to survive. The entire institute put up a united effort to help find this rare blood group. GTalk status messages were full of requests for help, facebook messages did the same, a lot of tweeting happened regarding the need. The Spreadsheet got 1466 responses In the end, she managed to survive 🙂

This opens up our thoughts to the power of Social Media. This is the impact concentrated efforts can create especially in crunch situations.

However, such effort is very likely to fail if not structured well. Imagine this entire force following a single strategy starting from a common base – the outcome can be surprising

This led me to start a new initiative: To use networks like twitter and facebook to find real-time help in urgent situations (eg. Finding o+ blood in an area etc.)

Introducing, UrgentHelp

The Concept:

Twitter: @UrgentHelp

Seeker sends us a message with contact details (eg: O+ blood needed urgently in andheri West, Mumbai call +91 920023456)

We retweet it to our huge pool of followers (RT: @distressedguy O+ blood needed urgently in andheri West, Mumbai call +91 920023456 Plz RT)

Our followers in that area Retweet the message hoping this goes viral and will help them find someone useful

the twitter page

Facebook: Urgent Help

Seeker sends us a message
We post it on our group/community to all members
They share it on their walls

Facebook page can be especially useful for communicating in more than 140 characters

The Future:

This can turn out to be pretty amazing if we get the right kind and number of followers (imagine Celebs joining the campaign – one retweet reaches over a lakh people!!)

if only

It application is also huge: Blood, bone marrow, foster homes for dogs, directions, tech-support – anything. (search urgent on twitter and you will know!)

An Alpha version of the twitter page is up www.twitter.com/urgenthelp do check it out (and follow) Suggestions to develop it further are welcome


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