My Experiments with Social Media

One thing that can really break a blogger is lack of audience (I realise this from my 6 post long blogging career!) So (s)he is always on the lookout for ways to publicise his blog – ways to be heard.

The Blogger - by Datamation

I tried a few things myself , with social media – my favourite class of publicity media.

Here are the results:


Blog Stats.


Even though a month does not seem to be a good sample size – the results can be quite conclusive:

1. GTalk is the king in IIT – not twitter, not BUZZ, not stumble-upon…GTALK (haven’t tried Fb yet, will do so for this one)
2. Twitter has yet to develop a firm base in IITB
3. IndiBlogger Rocks! (15 odd views on the first day of sign-up and good interaction too!)


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