Just Kidding


I have this Theory that Everything you wished for as a kid comes true when you are an adult. And then life Laughs at you!

Have a look at the first part of the cartoon. Remember how as a kid you used to hate going to sleep! You wanted just 5 more minutes. The time you got to be awake never seemed to be enough. Sleep seemed to be an unnecessary interruption in you play. And now you just can’t wait to crash into your bed. Sleep seems to be the dearest of all luxuries. You hate working for 5 more minutes before you can go to bed….

When did everything change? Rather, what caused this transformation?

We used to be so happy! Playing with our Lego Bricks, building massive structures and imagining complex machines. Why are we not enthusiastic about really building those machines we dreamt about making back then in childhood? Why does analyzing that beam to create a real mega-structure feel like a huge burden? Battling those imaginary monsters from our pirate ships used to be so much fun! Why then does all this not seem thrilling anymore?

For one, the monsters are REAL now – but instead of one toothed devils and paranoid androids, we now deal with job-interviews, Case studies  and Entrance exams. Instead of imaginary earthquakes and houses on fire, we have project deadlines and performance appraisals.  But more importantly, We don’t do things that excite us anymore!

The reason why we used to be active the whole day…the reason why we used to build those machines so energetically…the reason why monsters seemed so exciting…the reason why we never wanted to sleep was that we enjoyed every single bit of what we did. We were so happy doing what we did, that we never seemed to get enough of it. And that I guess makes all the difference.

Passion, Ambition, Desire, Dreams all translate into this one trait – Childlike Enthusiasm about what we are doing. If we don’t feel like working for every moment we are awake, that’s a clear indication that we don’t like the work we do => we need to change what we do! Change is difficult, but as they say, “Change is the only constant”. Constantly reinventing your work or attitude towards work can be the only way to keep the excitement going. Remember when we used to get bored of fighting the same old Cobra commander in G.I. Joe, we just got in new enemies – we just need to bring in more challenges to keep the enthusiasm going

I figure if I can find this enthusiasm again, every day will be fun! Every moment will be worth living! Every monster will be a new adventure! Every block of Lego that life throws at me will be a new opportunity to build something great!

I wanna play again!

I off am trying to find that block of Lego that will make me 5 again. Hope you find yours soon too


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