I’m Back, but Still There!

It’s been more than 24 hours since I bid goodbye to the train, the yatris, the organizers and the yatra itself, but the memories keep coming back to me – like images being flashed at me at tremendous speed. Jagriti Yatra 2010 has really been a memorable one for me. I have learned and unlearned so much during this yatra and I still haven’t figured out a lot of what has changed in me because of the experiences.

It's all about the PEOPLE

I firmly believe that “It’s all about the PEOPLE” and the yatra just reinstates my belief in that thought. I met a variety of people at the yatra –  as friends, group members, buddies, facilitators, organizers, volunteers, caterers, role models, local and even random strangers – all of them affected me in different ways – some inspired me, some made me smile, some motivated me, some excited me, some bored me and a few even irritated me! But they all made my experience at the yatra a very fulfilling one…..

The next couple of posts are stories about some of these people and their impact on me.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back, but Still There!

  1. It really must have been an enchanting experience..good that you decided to go for the trip..now you the Real India better than others:) 🙂

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