It’s ALL about the PEOPLE: R. Elango

If you have seen the movie Swades you already know Elango’s story. Ambitious boy, studied hard, became an engineer, moved to a city, started earning money, then came back and changed the face of his village. But what he did and how he did it is the real masala of the story and it is a script fit for a movie.

Reel Life Vs Real Life Hero

Picture a village X, plagued with casteism, unemployment, poverty and all other social evils you can think of…Now picture a village Y where Dalits and Brahmins live next to each other…where employment rate is high…where there are pucca houses…where women are educated and confident…a village that is self-sustained

What if I tell you that village X becomes village Y in 10 years? Sounds Impossible? ELANGO made it possible.

With the children of Kuthumbakkam

That is the story of Elango and Kuthumbakkam village in Samatvapuram. It is based on the Gandhian ideology of a self-sustaining village. It is a really interesting tale told best my Elango himself – a vociferous speaker – his passion oozes out in every word he speaks.

read more about him >>


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