It’s ALL about the PEOPLE: Anshu Gupta and the Goonj Team

This best sums up the spirit of Goonj. A good organisation rests on a good team, and that became evident after meeting the volunteers at Goonj. We were supposed to arrive at 2 pm that day, but our train ran late, and we went there at 11:30 pm. The normal work hours are 9 am to 6 pm, but still, the volunteers were engaged in their tasks, and didn’t show the slightest hint of irritation.  They were really receptive to questions and each and everyone of them had that spark in the way they acted. They were all females, middle aged….They told me they sorted more than 200 clothes everyday.

Goonj Volunteers Sorting Clothes (at 11:30 pm)

Innovation at Goonj

They have a well- structured operations chain, where at every station clothes are sorted, checked, repaired, edited (you can see a lot of innovation here – kurtas become midis, elastics of pyjamas are used elsewhere etc. etc.) and passed on. They have really strong quality checks. That signifies dignity in clothing – Vastra Samman. The stories Anshu told us moved every single Yatri in that room. I came out of the room, a changed person….


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