The Website Checklist

Starting a website might look easy once you have a designer, selected the theme, written the content thought of the alliances. But that’s when the real task starts. I made this checklist while working on a website during my Internship, after a discussion with Mr. P.K. X.  Thomas (founder of See if you have Ticked all the boxes!

  • Before selecting the domain name , check your name for SEO –it does make a huge difference


  • Note down when your domain subscription expires. Buying it back from someone else might be a pretty expensive affair!
  • Check whether your hosting ip is static. More info >>
  • Writing an RFP before choosing your web designer is a good idea. Even if you have a designer yourself, or you are the one who is going to code, putting stuff on paper helps clarify thoughts. View Template >>
  • Do a laddering of all the services your website has to offer – it will help in designing the navigation
  • Work out all privacy and legal issues , terms of use and disclaimers. They can screw you over if not done properly.
  • Ensure that the content is original or you have appropriate permissions before using someone else’s content.
  • Add as many cross-links in the site as possible – you want your visitors to visit as many of your pages as possible
  • If your website has payment functions make sure you consider the audience before choosing the gateway  (eg. Paypal if you want to cater to an international audience, cc-avenues for India etc.) Also cost differs with every gateway.
  • If your website has resources, make sure you include a lot of relevant keywords (remember: Keywords = Traffic)
  • Get your website checked by your target audience even before the alpha/beta versions are out – you will get great feedback on navigation, content, accessibility etc. – Use that Feedback, it really helps
  • There will be many times when you are flooded with ideas and features that you can add to the site. But when you are starting, adding all the features might not be a good idea.
    –        Rule of Thumb: Ask yourself: if I had to add only one thing, what would it be? Then go ahead with that (that way you know how powerful your core value proposition is after you’ve started)

This list is in no way exhaustive. Suggest more points to complete it.


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