What have you learnt from Gunda ?

Warning! This is meant only for a Gunda-watching audience! Any misunderstanding of the intended meaning is entirely a concern of the viewer.

I had made this presentation as part of my project on Principles of Management

These are just a few insights i could gain from the movie! The Holy Grail of intelligence that the movie is, I am sure you would have other insights to share!

Scribd has ruined the background. View proper PDF >> GundaMG

Credits –
Mayur Srinivasan (for helping me in conceptualization)
Kanti Shah

8 thoughts on “What have you learnt from Gunda ?

  1. Some one asked me why there is a Coolie at an Airport in the movie..this is another testimony to the genius of Kanti Shah – he foresaw that air travel is going to be as cheap and as affordable as railways – another insight into the economics of DEMAND and SUPPLY!

  2. Hey Sahil,
    Nice presentation. I don’t think the “inverted Maslow’s hierarchy” slide is entirely correct. I think Kala Shetty is sure that he’ll have chicken, mutton etc in his cell, and is therefore now concerned about revenge.

    • Thanks for the insight Kag,
      but I feel when extreme emotions like hatred or revenge take-over the mind, the Maslow’s hierarchy DOES get inverted – here Kala Shetty’s attitude reflects that revenge was a priority over good food /alcohol /carnal pleasures

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