Why UrgentHelp did not work

for those who haven’t heard/read about the idea before:  the concept

Sounds good doesn’t it?
You send a message-> followers (good people) see it-> they help/ReTweet -> you eventually reach a lot of people in a very short while
But as i said before, it didn’t work out….here’s why
  1. As a follower I will ReTweet once/twice/thrice at max four times a day…anything more, the identity of my personal tweets is diluted
  2. People need a stimulus to keep ReTweeting – eventually the tweets from UrgentHelp are just lost in their timeline and get ignored – their recognition value decreases very rapidly
  3. As traffic on UrgentHelp increases, tweets will also increase, it clutters the follower’s timeline/notification so much, that it gets irritating
I think these answer a lot of questions to why some twitter marketing strategies do not work –
  1. Lack of quality tweets – that can make the follower ReTweet them
  2. Good tweets getting lost in a pool of mediocre/unwanted ones
  3. Firing the follower with an overwhelmingly large number of tweets – thus creating an “irritation” value to even your good tweets.

One thought on “Why UrgentHelp did not work

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