I’ll ALWAYS remember

” There are places I’ll remember,

All my life..

Though some have changed,

Some forever not for better,

Some have gone…

And some remain,

All these places have their moments..

With lovers and friends,

I still can recall….

In my Life, I love them all …..”

This Beatles number sums up my feelings at this point of time….for Final year students, April signals proximity to the date of leaving the campus, bidding adieu to friends and a realization that all this is never coming back! With PAFs, Valfies and Final Treats, it is surely the month of strong emotions and nostalgia. Most of these sentiments are at free flow during the Valfi – but for people like me who were never good at keeping it short, 15 mins are not good enough to speak about all the things that changed me – all that matters to me – everything that I will always remember!

As Lennon has aptly written, places have a lot of memories attached to them and revisiting those places means reliving those moments….

1. H3, room 164 

My first home at IIT Bombay – they say your freshie wing defines your four years at IIT and your life in the long run – at least the first part is true…I learned some of my greatest lessons, made the best of friends, had the worst arguments all in this wing. One year as a “DAREDEVIL” is the time when I came out of my shell and “opened up” to the world outside

2. The Beach Boyz

If DareDevils was my first home, this is where I settled. And it always felt like one big family – from the moment I stepped into the wing and gave my first proper intro, till today – this has always been the place to “come back” to.

3. Hostel 13, room 321

My Sophomore Base-camp – this is where all my activities: mugging, cogging, watching TV series etc. happened during the second year. I had more lunches and dinners in the H13 mess than at h4 during all 4 years here.

4. LT 

The Comfort a chair at LT/PCSA provides is unmatched to anything and I mean anything – even a moving train cannot induce sleep as fast  – couple it with an IKR lecture and Air Conditioning and LT becomes the perfect place to crash

It is also the location of my first and only Goonj performance

E-Cell freshie orientation was also a very memorable experience!

5. Convo 

Orientation, Surbahaar, Swarsaandhya, IC courses they all happened here –

Not to forget the dreaded MA exams and those stupid HSS quizzes
And obviously the place where I will receive my Degree!

6. E-Cell Room 

The place which shaped my passion – with all those discussions on entrepreneurship and adding value and making a difference, I was destined to be bit by the entrepreneurial bug!

It was also a lot of fun! 8 hour long meetings, All nighters at the E-Cell room during events, nimbooz , fighting for the one mattress in the room – I miss all that already

7. Music Room, IITB

I picked up my first electric guitar here while practicing for the “Staccato – On a roll” – we sucked big time – but I realized how much I love doing this and that I belong there! Jamming is still the best experience in music – even better than performing on stage…

8. The long table – H4 mess

The Hub of all our highly intellectually (yet completely random) discussions on almost anything – movies, girls, profs, Kanti Shah, Literature, the future, whether Bryan Adams is Gay, changing the world … anything!

9. Roof – Hostel 4

Lying down under the starry sky, trying to think of absolutely nothing – takes you to a different place altogether!

10. Music Room , H4 

Where my first Original Composition took birth! Its such a great feeling to create a song out of nothing more than an Idea!

11. NCC grounds 

Here I learned what it feels like to thoroughly despise something! Oh, the torture!

Thankfully, I made some wonderful friends during the camp – and quoting the Beatles again – “I survived with a lil’ help form my friends!”

12. Devang + High-man’s rooms

I learned whatever little I know about music , melody, guitars, rhythm and rock’n’roll  in these rooms with 2 gb&a’s and a cherry hobner guitar

13. Moodi room 

Where I realized I could be up for 4 days straight on nothing more than Bingo and Coffee. Met some amazing seniors as well

14. OAT 

Some very special memories attached to the OAT –

–          My first PAF (with my 15 second role!)

–          All those All Team Meets for E-Cell

–          The time we (the KnutznBoltz) played “Hey Jude” during Unplugged and Devang, CHinmay and Kolte joined in!

15. Computer Room , H3

My introduction to Fb, Blogs, Gmail and all things social media! Still remember sneaking in between lectures to check my orkut/fb account

16. Lake Side 

The Thinking Zone – it is just so easy to make decisions while looking at the sun shimmer in the blue of the lake! Definitely the most beautiful place at IITB (looks even better during “unearthly hours”)

17. Pool Room

Where i beat my Guru at Pool and realised what its like to NOT suck at a sport!

18. Coffee Shack 

THE place to be at between lectures! The smell of iced-tea and garma garam magi bonda is just too good to resist. Ideal location for our weekly cog-ference 😛

19. Samir Hill 

If you wake up by 5:30 am, there can be nothing better than a hike up the hill! Feels even better after an all-nighter! With the colourful slums on one side and the pipelines, Ananta and a view of the insti on the other – this is the ideal spot to just stand and stare..

20. H1 canteen

Maybe my most frequently visited of all canteens in the insti (mostly because of its proximity to the Student Activity Centre) I remember running straight to the canteen during our 15 mins breaks between E-Cell meetings – recommendation: Masala Dosa

21. Tech Room – H3

My first encounter with failure, followed by  many more…the line follower – the first thing I gave-up on!

22. Terrace – Hostel 13 A wing 

I have made, discussed and rejected thousands of Business Plans here! – ideas of novels, websites, food joints even comic  strips!

23. Football Field 

Naah…. who am I kidding!


4 thoughts on “I’ll ALWAYS remember

  1. It’s been a while since I went to the Lake Side and sat there in all quietness! It’s great as long as the mosquitoes don’t bite!

    And, tech giri memories! 🙂

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