To Sit and Stare

I always thought of myself as a “walker” – Someone who needs to move, work, do something to be satisfied!

But the Himalayas proved me wrong – Lying on dry grass with the mellow sun hitting me, Sitting on a rock and listening to the sound of water flowing nearby, Watching ravens take flight from the edge of a cliff gave me such an incessant feeling of euphoria –  I had so much fun doing NOTHING at all that I realized there also lies a “sitter” within me.

2 thoughts on “To Sit and Stare

  1. I really agree with the second thing not to miss really. The so called RULES. they’re so much unrealistic and perceptional. They just tweak em as they want. I could not get my camera charger out from the deposited luggage even after requesting several times but some one could start the trek right from the first day without having to do all acclimatization, rappelling and other stuffs. Insane man… All in all i appreciate the management of the whole program but it can be more sensible.

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