It’s time for action

The Mumbai Blasts have certainly left us all shaken – there seems to be no stopping such “calamities” and the current infrastructure and systems in place are obviously inadequate to counter them – be it the recent blasts, the 26/11 attacks or even the 26/7 Mumbai floods. It is really convenient to tweet about how “some action needs to be taken” from the comfort of our laptops and smartphones – and yes something indeed needs to be done – but criticizing the system is not the action! “What can a common man like me do?” Is the general retort

 And the question was answered on twitter itself – countless people typing away to help others – some offering shelter, others information and some even texting/calling relatives on behalf of others. A Delhi resident – Nitin Sagar (@Nitinsgr) even created a google spreadsheet so people could reach out for help! We may not be able to eliminate terrorism or stop the floods but we can be prepared! We can tweet! We can share! We can reach out!! And that’s what this post is about!

I envision an army of common bloggers and tweeters like me and you who can tap social media to find help in situations like these! Common men DID surface to help during the blasts the day before too! But these attempts could be a lot more organized… I propose a single hub for all these activities…A one-stop for people who need help

A twitter account (eg: @UrgentHelp — read about the initial idea>>) :

By ensuring as much following as possible for the account, those in need can reach out to people even out of their circle. This account would be active only in case of emergencies like these – where people can communicate through a single point of contact – improving the efficiency of the whole effort. Just like the 13/7 we can have hashtags like #needhelp and #here2help , we can have people sharing information on which locations are safe, about traffic, about shelters. Some can message/call relatives on the behalf of others (phone lines are jammed, and this can really help in reducing the confusion and panic) Some can access the account so that speedy retweeting is possible…a lot more can help publicize it and ensuring more followers who can retweet those and co-ordinate the messages, maintain/update spreadsheets like before , we even have a map of all the #mumbaiblasts tweets!

So here’s what we can do – 
5 moderators – Handling the account, retweeting
5 content managers  – Updating information, announcements
As many as possible in the publicity team –  tweeting about it to get more followers ..and Blogging/writing about it – publicity is the key!

 Anyone interested in being a part of this can contact me @sahilpatwa


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