So what do you guys do to just chill?

I was talking to a friend a mine some time back about life at IITB, our hostels what we do etc. etc. She asked me:

“so do you go clubbing?” – Nope!

“Do you guys go partying?” umm…Nope! (not in the conventional sense at least 😛 )

“So what do you guys do to just chill!?” I was unable to answer her then, and for a long time!

Now after graduating, I realize that every single (weird and random) thing we did during our time was to chill! The debates, the all-nighters, even the midnight cog sessions!

Here are some of the ways we used to CHILL!

  1. Wing Pong – basically Beer Pong  without the TT Table (they’re damn expensive!), the Beer (teetotaler), and those Beer Cups (we had to use plastic mugs!) – and named so because it was played in our wing (obviously!) I remember spending one whole night (after watching roadtrip – beer pong) trying to master the art. We even introduced variations like – triple bounce shots, wall bounce and bent shot – through the legs (federer style!) We ended up playing the game only that one time, but it was crazy fun!

    Wing Pong Vs Beer Pong

  2. Pyromania– If you haven’t tried spraying deo over a fire – you’re really missing something. Great way to de-stress during midsems – we have (successfully) experimented with perfumes (Park Ave, some flowery fragrance), deodorants (axe, brut, Nike) and bug-sprays (baygon, Laal Hit, Kaala Hit) on a variety of objects like – Buckets, Paper, Tees, a friend’s hand etc. Sadly, it all had to end when we (accidentally) burned down one of my wingmate’s window (we went a bit too far, I know!)

    *Real Images ** DO NOT Try this at home *** That person in the image is NOT Me

  3. Marathon F.R.I.E.N.D.S  Sessions (avg duration: 5 hours) – NO, that is not wasting time – it counts as valuable social experience and helps gain insights into various disciplines of the humanities like – psychology, philosophy, sociology, contemporary society to name a few  and moreover is hell of a lot of fun!
  4. MAFIA – very simply, MAFIA is the best game ever made (yes, MAFIA and not AOE/CS/WarCraft/FIFA). Hours passed like minutes during heated discussions having the potential to involve the most passive of the lot. I remember the longest game I played was of 8 hours!
  5. 15 mins, GUNDA – As a wing ritual, it was customary to watch 15 minutes of the legendary movie before every exam. I can’t explain why the movie rocks, you just need to go (download and) watch it!

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