BRAINvomiting and the power of the Keyboard

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I have so much on my mind sometimes that it becomes really difficult to focus, and I am unable to think clearly about any one thing. Everything seems inter-twined and my world suddenly seems more complicated.

I have never been good at sitting at some peaceful place and thinking about things with a calm cool head, at first my thoughts used to flow well when i used to walk, then it used to happen I was doodling, but they have found a new soul-mate these days – The KEYBOARD

Whenever i don’t know how to solve a problem , i simply start typing (yes typing, not writing) whatever comes to my mind. And by whatever I mean anything and everything! A sample of how I go about with my process is given below. Putting my thoughts on paper somehow just makes everything magically fall in place.

My Throw-up

I have been following this process for a while –  and I feel it helps me! Only recently, I got a name for it – BRAINvomiting!*

A few things about BRAINvomiting

1. Spelling/Grammar/presentation doesn’t matter
As is evident from the extract, i do not stop to correct spellings, or grammar or formatting or organising the thoughts. The important thing is, that the thoughts should all come down in one place on (virtual) paper. I can easily structure them later on (see fig.).

The refined version

2. They are just thoughts on paper
There is no need to think within your limits or what is feasible or can/cannot happen. Once you have all your thoughts, they can be thrashed out later.

3. It’s your Vomit – keep it to yourself
No need to publish your throw up on the net. Zuckerberg learned it the wrong way when he posted “That Post” on LiveJournal. (Which is why I did not post an original – had to make up the harmonica based text)

Zuck’s BRAINvomit

*I got the name from the book “The 4-hour work week” by Tim Ferriss. now this author is a very interesting person – he formed an EMail cult of his own – he runs his own business, but Checks his EMail only once a week. (Yes, you heard it right –  a WEEK!).

** The photograph talks about a hypothetical BRAINvomiting session.  However, the thought of learning to play the harmonica does cross my mind occasionally!

*** I know the text in that pic is drastically incorrect grammatically. My grammar is not as bad as it looks.


2 thoughts on “BRAINvomiting and the power of the Keyboard

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