On learning the guitar

It’s been a while since I picked up my first guitar, and after all the calloused fingers, irritating (to others) practice sessions, tone deafness and jamming I feel worthy of being called a decent guitarist, well, almost.

Every learning curve has a stage where you are – “nearly there, just a few steps behind” or the “stagnation phase”, where the marginal improvement seems ridiculously low. I feel I am at that stage (that is, if I consider being a decent guitarist as an end point; being pro has its own curve)

So simply put,

I am this

I want to be this

And to achieve that and to keep me motivated, I am planning to set myself a goal. A new electric guitar 🙂


I have this

I want this

Now some Smart MBA people tell me goals should be SMART:

So here’s my goal: Perform the following tasks within six months starting December 1, 2011 to earn the electric guitar:

Figure out Chords for:

  • 1 Euphoria Song
  • 1 Kishore Kumar Song
  • 1 Mohd Rafi Song
  • 1 Eagles Song
  • 1 Bryan Adams Song
  • 1 Beatles Song
  • American Pie – Don McLean

Learn the following Solos:

  • Winds of Change – The Scorpions
  • Peace of Mind – Boston
  • Be with you – Mr. Big
  • Dil Haarey – Jal

Learn the following songs:

  • Chop Suey – System of a Down
  • Sounds of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel
  • Chicken Fried – The Zac Brown Band
  • Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynrd Skynrd

Write Two songs – lyrics, chords et al.

I will be tracking my progress on “The Guitar List” Page above

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