Facebook :: Innovation

I was discussing the Facebook (fb) timeline with my sister, when she said “fb is getting really boring…It needs to really bring something new quickly, I am losing interest” … and I am sure there are more people like her who feel fb needs to do something radically new or it won’t be able to sustain the interest of its users – not really good feedback just before their IPO!

But is it really that big an issue? Does fb really need to fret over it?

I would say NO! The simple reason being, this is how it is supposed to be..

Here’s an illustration of an average person’s activity on fb:


Facebook Activity: You did this too!

Our social life is stimulated by events – birthdays, parties, night-outs etc. but what sustains social interaction is this:

The simple need to keep in touch with one another!

Similarly, Quizzes, games, applications are just stimulators and not the reason why fb would want people to log in. The kind of sustained audience they need is people who post about themselves, their interests, their photos and their friends. That’s the level at which the graph tries to flatten out!

So I don’t think fb needs to waste time innovating novel stimulators – Innovation and novelty should now come from how and what content users share.  Also fb APIs ensure that any pressing need is fulfilled by developers themselves..

The onus to innovate should now be on the users!

Fb should focus on just two aspects:

  1. Continue making content-sharing increasingly easy and intuitive
  2. Making that content more relevant to advertisers and other revenue sources


2 thoughts on “Facebook :: Innovation

  1. Nice pertinent post.
    I think FB has realized already that there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to improving the social networking component of FB. They have tapped the ‘friend-sourcing’ model (as a counterpart/subset of crowdsourcing). People are increasingly looking at FB as an information source now, the collective information of your extended friend circle, all the time keeping the socializing happening in the background (read: the Newsfeed ticker)

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