Mafia Online (Classic)

No, this is not the Mafia Wars you’ve played (or haven’t!) on FB – This is the REAL THING – only this time, it’s virtual 🙂


It all started with a group chat involving a couple of die-hard Mafia fans now scattered all over the country, with the obvious constraints of space and time, playing Mafia had been difficult, and that did not go down well with me. That and three cups of coffee led to an all-nighter and everything that follows:

Citizens, Healers, Detectives, Oracles and Call-girls of the real role-playing world, let me introduce you to Mafia Online (Classic) – the Online form of the game we have all grown up to live and love…


Mafia Online (Classic)BETA

Mafia Online (Classic) is based in the city of PostGradopolis –  A city plagued with a strong Mafia nexus, a host of anti-social elements like terrorists, call-girls, peeping toms etc. The only positives on the side of the city are a potent healer, a gifted oracle and a strong democracy! The Mafiaso has accelerated its activities in the city and it is certain that they will kill one city every night. Unless the citizens can execute the Mafias, destruction is inevitable. Will the citizens combined with the powers of the oracle and the healer succeed in killing the Mafia, or will terror reign over the region! Read ahead to find out…..


The Characters:

1. Citizen: (Team C)

(S)he is a hard-working, truth-loving, god-fearing being. Their aim is to rid the village of the Mafia by correctly identifying them. They are powerless individually, but united, they can consent to execute the Mafia.


2. Mafia: (Team M)

An important character in the city, the Mafia run the show at night. Being smart showmen they are experts at evading the prying eyes of the villagers and casting a shadow of doubt on an innocent citizen.


3. Oracle (Team C)

A valuable member of the citizen, they have the power to check the identity of a person at night. A smart Oracle can be the strongest asset for the city.


4. Healer (Team C)

The most powerful member of the city, the healer is a highly respected and feared entity in both the mafia and city community. Entrusted with the power to heal and kill once, they have been instrumental in changing the course of the battle overnight.


The Characters

5. Terrorist /Suicide Bomber (Team M)

A rare personality, a terrorist is the RAT in the city. Being an expert in explosives, the terrorist can kill anyone during the day, him/herself dying in the attempt. Oracles suffer from constant paranoia when terrorists are around.


6. Call-Girl (Team M)

Known to possess the charm of Aphrodite herself, NO ONE has been able to survive the moves of this seductress. Having turned to the dark side, she has the ability to negate the power of any one member at night, without his/her knowledge.


Team C – citizen’ side

Team M – the DARK side


GOD – well, that’s me (by default)


How the Story proceeds…

1. The GOD sends a private message to all participants updating him/her about his/her character

This is similar to distributing cards (with Jack, Queen,Kinf, Ace etc.) to identify the roles

2. He also posts updates on the Group

3. A special chatbox/thread is set up for Mafias and GOD, who need to discuss and kill someone.

4. The Oracle, Healer, Call-Girl and other characters can interact with God at night in a similar fashion

5. City wakes up when GOD updates all information on the group, and the discussion proceeds

6. Since everyone is not expected to be online simultaneously, a specified time limit (3hrs – 12 hrs) will be set for discussion. – this extra time implies you think more before posting anything – Focus is on LOGIC & STRATEGY and not on ENERGY & DRAMA

7. The Game proceeds similarly until either the Mafia or Citizens win.


Basic Rules:

1. Mafia can kill only ONE citizen at night, they need to decide on ONE name in a stipulated time period

2. Oracle needs to check the identity of a player within the stipulated night-time, failure to do so will result in loss of information for the Oracle

3. Discussions during the day will be moderated by GOD, but a consensus/majority is expected and necessary

4. GOD is allowed to lie in case the Oracle is dead and his/her identity is not known to the citizens


Rules of Engagement:

1. Participants are NOT allowed to Discuss the Game out of the Discussion Forum/Group

2. Participants are requested to not use unfair means like forwarding messages by GOD etc. to maintain the spirit of the game.

3. Participants who lose their lives during the game are expected to Kindly SHUT UP during the remaining part of the game. All discussions/information exchange will happen through GOD and no other.


The Game at it’s Climax!


Let the accusations begin…



Yes, yes, I hear the cynics and skeptics..”this will never work”, “you can’t play Mafia without seeing the player’s faces”, “this is stupid!”…This has worked before! More than once!

Some Testimonials:

What if someone gave you days to think and play your move in mafia. I promise you, you’ll still screw up!. Checkout the new mafia online. Doesn’t matter where your friends are scattered across the globe, promises to bring you back right in the midst of that maddening game!

– Kshitij Garg


“Mafia online is one of the very addictive games I have played. There is no body language involved just some statements thrown on you to analyse. It tests one ability to save oneself through words and critically think about how others are saving themselves. It is a game of power where trust if blind could be a crime. I had witnessed one game where both mafia by sheer intelligence saved themselves till the end and emerged our heroes.I had been a loner mafia once and saved myself till the last villager killed me! The game is breathtakingly addictive. Anyone with a little thirst for blood and intelligent gaming will definitely enjoy!”

Saloni Gupta


Download the Mafia Online (Classic) Handbook >> Mafia Online (Classic)


6 thoughts on “Mafia Online (Classic)

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  2. This game is THE most addictive online group game. It is so much fun because it involves gossiping, planning, scheming, hinting, and keeping secrets! Even after you are dead, you can be a part of the game if GOD allows it. Being GOD makes you feel oh-so-powerful, like you have all the strings of the puppets(players). You will definately get to know your team members much better.

  3. This might sound a bit CRAZY!. There is good reason for that… it is exactly that! (in its literal dictionary sense). With limited data available (peoples’ expressions etc), It can get pretty tough. Mind you! this game is not for the faint hearted. I am sure it’ll leave you scratching your head for clues. Since there is less data to decide, you keep noticing every little move, for clues. From these little clues, just when you think you got the picture, and then you screwup bigtime! It keeps you on your toes the whole time (unless you are Sherlock Homes). Exciting stuff, this! From a different perspective, This is a good way of keeping in touch with friends. This suits perfectly for people who are too far… or just have different work times. And the good part is, you can just log in to play whenever you feel like, without worrying about the time (you just need to make sure you login atleast once a day). If you have played this game … you know what I am taking about (Hi5!) and if you haven’t, you should. If you think this is some stupid shit, Oh boy! you are missing something the point, please read again 😛

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