A farewell to the batch of 2013

We had our CorpoD (a traditional dinner before we bid adieu to our dorm seniors) yesterday, when a batchmate, Tejas recited this poem that I really loved. Reproducing it below

The Dirty Dozens - D12

The Dirty Dozens – D12


You came here as a student with high hopes,

A chance to earn money, a chance to land a good job,

The hoax may have unsettled you,

The dorm-naming may have drenched you,

The early morning class rush,

The surprise quiz preparation fuss,

The horrible WAC runs,

The incredibly boring case discussions,

This may have made you wonder,

Whether coming to this insti was one big blunder,

But unknowingly along the way,

‘Pata hi nahi chala’ that’s what they say,

In the long group studies ,

You never realized when you became buddies,

The maska bun and the cigarettes at Ram Bhai,

Would have never seemed tasty without your dormmates and chai,

You later moved to second year,

The insti’s gift for surviving the gruelling first year,

The tables turned for the better,

The victim became the hunter,

It was your turn to scare the facchas,

To experience the superiority of the tucchas,

Life rolled on, the terms went by,

The seeds of friendship grew into trees high,

Now as you leave us with a heavy heart,

With trepidation and uncertainty in the heart,

Never forget this;

You added some golden chapters to this dorm’s history,

An unknown dorm shrouded in mystery,

Wherever you may go in future in life,

This dorm will always welcome you, be it peace or strife.



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