I have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

I have never been able to get myself to write a bucket list at any point of time, but if I do plan to write one, there is one thing I would definitely want to add to the list:

Item #1 on Bucket List: Deliver a TED talk


Apart from the fact that the idea of giving a talk at TED is exciting and awesome at multiple levels,

Wanting to deliver a TED talk is a great goal to have!

Here’s why

Impact, Guaranteed:
The main premise of TED is “Ideas worth Sharing” and by definition, you can deliver a talk only if you have something significant to share. The goal indirectly drives you to do something that is important not just to you, but has the potential to change millions of lives

Acts as a Radar:
Knowing that you want to do something that would bring something new to the world, keeps you continuously uneasy when you seem to be following a well-trodden path. It almost forces you to be different

Can be good inspiration:
If you have seen enough TED talks, you realize that failures of epic proportions are almost an integral part of most stories you hear in those talks. This may be a comforting thought when you are going through a setback

The best moral compass:
Another reason why giving a TED talk is an excellent goal (and this is where it scores over most other similar-sounding goals) is that you know at the back of your mind, that anything you do during your journey would be narrated in front of an audience. That just acts as a very good check on whether you are crossing any ethical or moral lines to get there.

It is similar to the ‘Newspaper Test’ – Would you be comfortable if your actions were published on the front page of the local newspaper?


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