APAD #NYC: On trying to understand ART

There are few times in life when I have felt as clueless as I did when I went to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Partly, I concede, due to my ignorance about some really famous works of art – Picasso, Van Gogh et. al. – and to a great extent because I just don’t get it!



There was a western commode kept as an exhibit, which they tried to pass off as ‘Modern Art’ – similarly chairs, sofas, tiles and what not.

The only saving grace was the company, which made sure I at least didn’t miss out on the popular paintings and sculptures:


I did enjoy learning about them:

Like this Van Gogh painting – Starry Night

IMG_2812 - Copy

Then there was this Picasso painting, in which, interestingly, the person on the left was supposed to be a man, but was passed off as a woman at the end of the painting (allegedly because Picasso got too lazy to endow him with some essential male organs or something – I did not get to the end of the story)


And then the famous Monet painting – apparently done in his blind phase


And obviously this masterpiece

Art meets Advertising

Art meets Advertising

4 thoughts on “APAD #NYC: On trying to understand ART

  1. Did you go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art ? It has all the ancient Greek stuff, which may be more interesting for people like us. Basically everything that’s not in either the British Museum/Chicago/the Louvre.

    The Louvre has creeped me out both times I’ve gone. It deserves a post of its own, and will get it…soon.

    • It’s on the list! I was just taking a break from Museums – Cloisters was epic and I need to manage expectations before I go to the Met.

      Eagerly awaiting the Louvre post 🙂

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