APAD #NYC: All about the music

Yesterday was one of those days which you wish never ended! From medieval music to some live country songs to desi tunes, this day had it all!

It all started with a tour of the Cloisters (a must see if you go to New York IMO) – a museum in northern Manhattan, which was once a monastery.

There was an installation trying to recreate  Cardiff’s 40 part motet – a 16th century song with  40 male sopranos – this installation though consisted of 40 speakers in a large Oval, each trying to act as one singer. It lasted 12 minutes, but when it got over, it felt no more than 5 minutes long – and it was pure magic!

The song translates to 'There is hope'

The song translates to ‘There is hope’

What was even more magical, was this garden right in the middle of the monastery – from all-encompassing music to a sudden sense of serenity, peace and calmness. This garden was used by the monks to read silently (these monks also spoke just once a week, carrying forward their discussion the next week right where they ended it)


Just when I thought the day could not get any better, I met this guitarist who invited me to a concert – somewhere below the chapel in the university campus! I entered the place and I knew I am going to spend many a weekends there! The place is called POSTCRYPT and has this complete small-town bar feel.



And matching the ambience were the musicians, with their guitars and fiddles and mandolins and banjos. One duo was particularly amazing – called Steele and Burton, they strummed out a whole bunch of sing-alongs; and of course their OC – SueMe

The two gentlemen fiddling away

The two gentlemen fiddling away

This was followed by a 3 hours jam session with some Business and Engineering students at the university – ending the day on a perfect note

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