APAD #CBS: On core competencies

So, tonnes of management literature suggest that every individual should have a core-competency – something that makes them valuable – or something they can sell!

And during a session by the Public Speaking Association of Columbia Business School, I found mine. It was an event called the BullSh** Competition – basically, you come on stage, they show you a slide and you are supposed to speak about it for 2-3 minutes…

..and guess who won the First Prize?
Umm no, that wasn’t me – that was John

..But guess who won the Second Prize?
well, not me again – this one went to Nick

..But the THIRD prize?


yes, yes, it’s me this time!

in action

in action

Now I am sure the ability to BS is hardly a core-competency and definitely not something to be proud of – but it’s still something to work with (..and I earned me 25$ and Free Pizza..so I’m not complaining)


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