APAD #CBS: When the CEO of Aston Martin came to School

Now I am not really excited about attending talks by all these high-profile CEOs – mostly, because they are so diplomatic and politically correct in their words, that they barely end up adding any value to you. Dr. Ulrich Bez was thankfully different – not only did he speak his heart out on most topics, he had the crowd in splits multiple times with his sarcastic humour.


Here are some of his thoughts*:

On Jaguar as a luxury car..
Jaguar became exclusive because they could not sell enough of their product

On work-life balance..
After he was quizzed about what keeps him up at night – “Nothing keeps me up at night – you need to find a way to cut off from your work everyday, or else you will not be able to sleep”

On Design..
Design is a management process, NOT an art.
I look at the car with all senses – I touch it, feel the texture; smell it, hear the sound it makes, see how it looks from a distance. I do not just look at a number on an excel spreadsheet and take a decision.

On creating the “Cool” brand..
Cool cannot be defined – it is highly subjective. Mystique again, by definition, cannot be defined. But you can define honest, real, dependable, reliable, integrity – and that’s what we strive for.

On innovation..
Perfection is the DEATH of innovation (insert Apple iPhone example here)

I could not click a snap of the talk, but since this is filed under APAD and I need to post at least one pic, here’s a pic of what I had for lunch 🙂


*Disclaimer – most of these quotes are reproduced by memory and with the aid of some notes taken in shorthand on my ipad (with stupid autocorrect) – I may have heavily misquoted him in some places – I’ll gladly correct them if someone points them out to me


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