APAD #CBS: On coffee and conversations

Utter the word ‘Coffee‘ in the Columbia campus, and the first thing that comes to mind is Joe’s.

Joe’s is this really awesome coffee place where you find tens of different types of coffee – and the white interiors make it the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

A classmate, John Levin introduced me to this place today and we ended up having an awesome conversation. John has worked in startups in Bangalore before and probably knows more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India than I do! It was interesting to learn about his experiences in the country! I thought it was really cool that he was going to join the Federal Reserve after BSchool. And most importantly, he seemed to know tonnes about saxophones and Jazz – he promised to hook me up with musicians other than Miles Davis!

And the sweet coffee girl wrote my name on the cup (and spelled it right!)

And the sweet coffee girl wrote my name on the cup (and spelled it right!)

My conclusion, there are tonnes of awesome people at Columbia and I haven’t made half the effort I should have to meet them. So I am going to ask someone for coffee every week, get to know them, hear their story – public commitment (and feature them on the blog if they generously allow me to!) Should be fun.

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