APAD #CBS: Go Columbia Lions!

The space between the Low and Butler Libraries has always been a major center of activity in the campus..but when you see everyone moving towards the Low steps wearing Columbia sweatshirts and Tees, you know something is up..

I stop the dude jumping in excitement next to me and ask him what’s going on…

the excited dude in an excited tone: “don’t you know, it is HOMECOMING!” 

And homecoming, for the reader deprived of American High School Chick Flicks, is one big party – happens before the first game of the season!

columbia lions

The marching band was pretty cool! Opened with a cover of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ – never seen anyone play this version of the song..Never!

And the marching band refused to yield

And the marching band refused to yield

And then obviously,

And Cheerleaders!


Apparently, this was low-key as far as homecomings are concerned, coz Columbia is not exactly what they call sports-y! I’d say it was mind-blowing for a low-key affair!


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