APAD #NYC: Alphabet City!

When you run after avenue numbers, you turn to alphabets – I went to Alphabet City today, again a completely different New York – and as I would like it, a great place for food!

Having been thriving on street food for a while, I thought I could try some more popular (among New Yorkers, but lesser known among tourists) places. Well, having a New Yorker along always helps…

So after walking past and checking out almost a hundred places, Rachel and I settled for the following:

Russ & Daughters Appetizers:

More than two centuries old, this place was a food-cart in the 1800 and has been run by the family ever since. It had the most elaborate collection of bagels, cream cheese, salmon, caviar and other fishy stuff I have seen till date.


Not willing to experiment much with my first meal of the day, I decided to just go for the most popular vegetarian option – Raisin Bagels with Regular Cream Cheese…it looked so tiny, but it so wasn’t! One bagel was all it took for lunch!

Bluebird Coffee Shop:

Daily dose of coffee to keep the soul alive, kicking and awake…we got an awesome place by the window – great view of the streets..spent almost 2 hours there (the music was pretty great!)


Looking through the window..awesome view of the city



After walking a lot more (basically chasing sunlight) we made our next stop:

Clinton St. Baking Company:

This place has been recommended by more than a dozen michelins and zagats of the world. It generally takes an hour and half to find seating there, but due to a combination of luck and excellent timing (during non-brunch hours) we got nice places  – again by the window! It is an awesome feeling to sit by the window and see the world rush past you – kinda empowering!

Totally agree with them!

Totally agree with them!

So I ordered Hot Chocolate with Hand-whipped Cream – it has set high standards for dessert – going to be extremely difficult to beat this! Probably Max Brenner, nothing else!


Pok Pok Phat Thai:

Underground place, greasy flat noodles, 4 types of sauces, chopsticks! What’s not to like! Perfect Dinner (especially after adding the spicy chilli mixture – totally made my day)


Phat Thai

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