APAD #NYC: Hell’s Kitchen..Strike One!

Finally! I was going to Hell’s Kitchen!

Anticipation was in the air..along with the aroma of some delicious food and a promise of amazing stuff to come…


After grabbing a slice of 1$ Pizza from a shop on the street (always a safe bet), we headed to this Sichuan Restaurant

Supremely disappointing… I always thought the Chinese knew spicy, but turns out they don’t! Another realization, I suck at ordering food – always mess it up!

Note to Self #1: Always outsource the order!

Note to Self #2: Always Yelp the place before going

Note to Self #3: Always go with an awesome group of people, so that regardless of the food, you have a good time!

Thankfully, I did follow #3..and since the food was nothing to talk about, I’ll use this space to talk more about the company..

So the two people in the photo  are probably my closest friends at the BSchool (need to mention a third guy who is not in the photo or the BSchool).

Amritha & Mark (from l to r, in case someone didn't get it)

Amritha & Mark (from l to r, in case someone didn’t figure it out)

Amritha is this really awesome first year at CBS. She’s extremely smart, a terrific singer and also the youngest in her batch (by a margin). She’s spent a majority of her life in Sydney, but is really passionate about single-handedly achieving social equality in India – and knowing her, she just might do that in her lifetime!

Mark is a fellow exchange student – he studies in London Business School and is really big on investing. When not hanging out at the Bloomberg Terminal (which is rare) he loves to sip coffee, listen to alternative music (which I just don’t relate to) and dream about ski-ing. Apart from sharing a common passion for cheap food, he makes for awesome conversations!

So the day was salvaged due to them, but I still have expectations from Hell’s Kitchen .. need to give them one more chance (or two) soon!

Hell’s Kitchen, Strike #1

3 thoughts on “APAD #NYC: Hell’s Kitchen..Strike One!

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