APAD #NYC: Lower-East Manhattan = Food Haven

Whatever disappointment with New York because of the previous day’s Hell’s Kitchen disaster was left, was completely washed out Yesterday Night..

..and there’s a new belief..that Lower-east Manhattan is THE place to go to for good food (if the Alphabet City experience wasn’t proof enough)

I decided to walk down to the 4th street, 2nd Ave to meet a friend from IITB. After a lot of filters (no Indian/Thai/Chinese/Bland/Meat/Fast/ food allowed) we zeroed in on this Hummus Bar called ‘Local 92

Was more than delighted by the food!

On the waiter’s strong recommendation, we ordered the Papaya Carpaccio (thinly sliced papaya topped with Mint, Basil, some exotic cheese, some cool-sounding sauce and pomegranates..is what the description kinda looked like) – Only the best papaya dish I have eaten till date (includes the many papaya-salads at Thai bars which I have totally fallen in love with)

This was followed by Mushroom Hummus – again, I never knew Hummus could be done THIS well

We finished with the Chocolate Cheescake (Cheescake and Chocolate..what’s not to like!)…never felt this satisfied 🙂

Halfway through devouring it, realized I needed to click a pic

Halfway through devouring it, realized I needed to click a pic

Needless to add, with my cravings satiated, I slept like a baby!

Lower-East Manhattan:2           Hell’s Kitchen: -1

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