APAD #NYC: to the fifth Borough

BROOKLYN!… I wonder why I delayed exploring it for so long! It is the most amazing place in New York City  (probably beats Manhattan – verdict yet to be released)

It just has this awesome artsy feel to it…the whole place!

Firstly, it has been traditionally against all these restaurant and coffee chains (I could only find one Dunkin’ Donuts outlet during my whole trip) – which translates to more local restaurants, bars and cafes – each with their own flavour!

I went to Williamsburg – probably the most popular area in the Borough – and deservedly so! That place is heaven for foodies, artists and graffiti lovers (who count are artists nonetheless)

So our first stop was this amazing Venezuelan Arepa place called Caracas Arepa Bar – run by a couple, this place is so good, even Venezuelan tourists and immigrants swear by it (not to mention the infinite Zagat etc. ratings)

This place would totally kick ass at night! (tiki torches and everything)

This place would totally kick ass at night! (tiki torches and everything)

And they lived up to their expectation!

We started off with some plantain chips with Guasacaca (NOT Guacamole – I hate Gaucamole!), followed by a red beans and cottage cheese soup and the day’s special salad.

NOT Guacamole

NOT Guacamole

That was followed by the La Mulata Arepa (Rachel told me that it means Half Black and Half White – the relevance to the dish, however, has not yet been established) – black beans, jalapenos, basil, mozzarella cheese, plantains and some kick-ass sauce – perfect!

"This is THE best dish according to me..and I'm not even vegetarian!" - the waitress

“This is THE best dish according to me..and I’m not even vegetarian!” – the waitress

We were so full after the (deceptively tiny) Arepas that we had to lie down on the nearby park for almost an hour, followed by a long long walk before we could even THINK of food again (and considering it was US, that’s saying something!)

The walk was pretty useful, since we came across some kick-ass graffiti, a few cool bakery places, a few art galleries and a cool hat shop!

Art in the Making

Art in the Making

Our next visit was to the famous Toby’s Coffee Shop! One of its kind – has a really different feel to it! They had this cool table where no electronic devices were allowed! (we obviously flocked to that one!)



After ordering our latte and espresso, we spent a lot of time looking at that Barista carefully brewing her coffee (reminded me of chemistry lab!) – this place also has free brewing lessons on weekends (I almost signed up for one this weekend)

Do Not disturb me, I'm playing with my Chemistry Set!

Do Not disturb me, I’m playing with my Chemistry Set!

Our last stop was by the riverside – we breathed in the magnificent view of Manhattan from the other side, saw a few ferries arrive and leave and had a few short philosophical discussions on the life, the universe and everything (as such places always warrant) while witnessing the sunset

I'm SO gonna miss this view!

I’m SO gonna miss this view!


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