APAD #DC: ..you cannot run a nation on an empty stomach, can you?

…the people in DC sure know their food!

I thought it might be difficult to compare with New York when it comes to good food – but the place outdid it’s reputation!

Food & Beverages sure were an important highlight of my time at DC.

Morning: Breakfast Bagels and Sour Cream

With my limited exposure to bagels in the capital, I would claim that bagels in DC far outweigh those in NYC – by a margin! The ones that I had near the National Mall were the best ones I have ever had! (Even better than the ones at Russ & Daughters)

Before Noon: Veggie Dog at Ben’s Chilli Bowl!

Ben's Chilli Bowl


Me at Times Square“Damn, these hot dogs look so good! It’s a shame they’re not vegetarian!”
Don’t remember who“oh you should go to Ben’s in DC, they have veggie sausages!”
<note to self:go to Washington DC>]

And there I was – approx 2 months later – at U street – staring at the Ben’s Chilli Bowl door 🙂 The place is pretty famous since Obama visited it once, but I don’t think they need an Obama for publicity – their food speaks for itself!



The right balance of mustard, chillies, beans; delicious veggie sausage; amazing vegetarian hot sauce – an awesome hot dog!

Noon: 8 Bean curry with Cheddar Cheese at ‘the Tomb’ near Georgetown University

Tried this on the recommendation of a Georgetown Student – it beats Indian Rajma (and that is saying a lot!)

Spiced it up with some Pepper!

Spiced it up with some Pepper!

Late Afternoon: Pumpkin Spiced Cafe Latte at Saxby’s

This is most popular hang-out for Georgetown Univ. students – and the coffee justifies it. A hint of extra cinnamon and cream to the coffee and this was hands-down <bold claim alert!> the BEST coffee I have ever had! The place is amazing too – lots of places to sit and work, talk or just hang-out with friends. Wish I could have stayed there longer!

Miss it already

Miss it already

Searched on their site – Saxby’s does not have a NYC outlet 😦

Evening: A ‘No Meato’ California Burrito for Dinner

Tasty beans, Rice, jalapenos, some cool cheese, marinated and sauteed veggies, special spicy sauce and MINIMAL gaucamole – perfect Burrito – wayy better than Chipotle


Must say, my palate was pretty satisfied with the DC trip! Sadly, I could not visit two other places which were high on my list:

Etete – An Ethiopian Place on U Street (Sadly it opened 2 hours after I got there – and I had places to go)


Some Day

Baked and Wired – highly recommended by a friend from CBS – and had received rave reviews from Yelp – unfortunately, could not find enough time to go there (I was totally sold after reading about their quiches and pies)

Ok, all this food-talk is making me hungry all over again!

Need to fix dinner…till then!


5 thoughts on “APAD #DC: ..you cannot run a nation on an empty stomach, can you?

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    • I think I read a post that said the guy who invented them died recently! Great Man!

      (Also, if you blog, please do post the link here when you write about the Döners – always glad to read about food!)

  2. Patwa, your delectable food descriptions are making me infinitely hungry, and France is a bad place to be hungry in 😛 Next time please write lovingly about something very unappetizing – like dolphin poo or something like that 😀

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