APAD #CBS: On coffee and conversations #2

Remember when I decided that I would meet someone new from CBS for coffee every week? Well, the School made it easy for me…with a concept of CBS coffee chats – where you get paired with someone else from CBS randomly, and you can meet for coffee!

I did just that today, and met this really awesome student from the neighbouring country of Pakistan! She talked about how she is an exception to the norm of girls, even in highly educated families not being allowed to pursue higher education – and about women doctors in Pakistan, who do not practise, despite having the education and a valid degree! I was pretty inspired by the end of the chat!

It reaffirms my faith in two things –

  1. everyone in CBS has a really cool story to tell – and just talking to them is a worthy pursuit in my limited time here
  2. I have been extremely lucky so far to have the  parents, friends and opportunities that have made my life so easy

I don’t really have a pic from the chat, but here’s a photograph of the Columbia Scholar’s Lion – a symbol of what the institution stands for


2 thoughts on “APAD #CBS: On coffee and conversations #2

  1. One of the A guys here went to this pub meet-up where he ran into another guy in a corner. They sat together, starting their conversation cribbing about how Asians could never get bhaav from ze ladies at the party, and chatted for about 2 hours in Punjabified Hindi, realising only when they were ready to say their goodbyes, that they were from India and Pakistan, respectively. They hugged on their way out. Politics, eh?

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