APAD #NYC: THIS is real art!

If you have ever been to Times Square, you would have seen the neon signs and the bright lights, the Disney and DC characters posing for photographs, excited tourists paying several dollars to click them, hot-dog carts, some really amazing street musicians being overshadowed by some crappy hip-hop music on high volume – probably coming from one of the scores of overpriced bars….I did too…but just like me, you would have failed to see what I think is probably the most amazing thing on T Sq.

The Spray Paint artists!

These people are one of the lesser known awesome things to see at the place. I came to know about them from my cousin, who showed me a video of the artists in action – and 30 seconds into the video, I knew I wanted to see them. 30 mins and a subway ride later, I was AT times square asking random vendors if they knew where the ‘spray-paint guys’ were. I almost ran across the street when someone pointed me to one of them – and found Isaac – he’s been doing this for 20 years!

I want to describe the art, but I think words do a poor job of it, so I am just going to post a video about it from YouTube (my cousin has a video of Isaac making some art for him, I’ll try to upload that here too!)

And then I met another one – this time, a woman..this time, an artist and a bartender (the way she used to toss the spray cans up and catch them – was pure poetry)

In action

In action

It was a shame they sold for a mere $15 though (my hypothesis is that they have too many of these artists concentrated on just one street: demand-supply mismatch pulling prices down ..they should probably do this near Central Park or Wall Street or something)

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