APAD #NYC: Touristy things to do in the city #2

Continuing from #1, I decided it was high time I visited the other popular attractions i the city – especially since my cousin had come down from the West Coast (if you ARE going to pose and click photographs with these monuments like a tourist, rather do it in a group!)

It was quite fun actually…

We began with Wall Street – the big Brass Bull!

The Bull of Wall Street!

The Bull of Wall Street!

Heard a funny story about how a bunch of drunk Columbia Students lifted the bull up and reversed its direction one fine night (felt mighty proud about my association with the university)

We then passed by the 9/11 memorial – it is huge (I realized then that 12 years have gone by since the twin tower attacks! so much has happened since, but the memory is still vivid in my mind!)


Spent some time at Times Square (of course) – it was amusing to see all those tourists starry-eyed at all the lights and sound!


We then went to Grand Central Station – I just love the place! Supremely beautiful – I can spend hours just staring at all the people rushing ahead with their lives..


view from the top

view from the top

Then to my favourite part of the city – Central Park! Regardless of how tired you are – a walk in the park is always welcome 🙂

<Imagine ‘Map of my Heart – Little Manhattan’ playing in the background>

We also saw the famous Chrysler Building (it was really hard to find a spot from where we could get a good view – with all the tall buildings blocking it!) It always reminds me of the painting by Neal Caffrey in White Collar!

Stunning ain't it!

Stunning ain’t it!

Day #2 was kickstarted by a walk across Brooklyn Bridge – all the Kal Ho Na Ho references aside, it has got some really amazing views – second only to those by the Brooklyn Promenade, where we went straight after walking the bridge! I could seriously not get enough of the view! Breathtaking is an understatement for that!

Brooklyn Bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge!

View from the Promenade! (spot the heli-pad where D.Trump lands during 'The apprentice' shoots)

View from the Promenade! (spot the heli-pad where D.Trump lands during ‘The apprentice’ shoots)

Beauty in a Panorama Shot

Beauty in a Panorama Shot

My cousin got super-excited when we walked past the Barclays Centre (a new Basketball stadium)


We walked on to Prospect Park – created by the same guy who made Central Park (CP>>PP). We caught a game of two-hand touch football between some college students and headed back to home-base (Manhattan!)

The next day was spent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) [and at various food and frozen yogurt places]..a tour of the Met is not something one can complete in a day – I spent upwards of 2 hours at the Egyptian place itself! This was hands down the most amazing Museum I have seen..ever.

Hangin' out with this cool Egyptian King

Hangin’ out with this cool Egyptian King

This doesn’t seem like a lot when I write about it, but I get a tonne of perspective, when I realize we walked almost 85 Kms over the span of 3 days! (thank you footstep-tracking app!)

It all hit me on Monday morning, when my legs simply refused to co-operate. But well, it was worth it!

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