APAD #CBS: On coffee and conversations #3

After a series of really good coffee chats, I decided to have one with the person who initiated them at CBS in the first place!

Adaobi, the last time I heard from her, had worked as a caterer, nanny, a professional dancer, started an NGO, a fair-trade organization and is currently developing marketing strategies for a broadcasting channel. That in addition to her role as VP of the CBS community as part of the GBA and as a Peer Advisor. That’s not it, she claims she knows around a 1000 people from the Business School (official estimates are way higher)

I blame it all on the camera

I blame it all on the camera

Now when you talk to someone who has such a diverse range of experiences, it makes sense for you to just shut up and let the other person dazzle you with their stories. I aimed to do just that, but she has a way of engaging the other person in the conversation…we ended up talking about topics as diverse as food in the Lousiana, Potlucks in DC, roadtrips to Texas to roller-coasters in Orlando! We also had a pretty awesome discussion on how CBS can make the experience better for exchange students.

Something else that stayed with me, was the way they imbibe the honor code into student activities from day 1.



I had found this photograph I clicked sometime back at the Lehman lounge – it has all students voluntarily signing their initials on the code..when they think they are ready

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