APAD #NYC: On a timebomb

The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking

I just realized that I have exactly one month left here in the Big Apple..and experience from the past couple of months suggests that it is going to fly by fast! Really Really fast!

And as excited as I am to go back to family and friends, FOMO is definitely setting in – there are tonnes of things to do, just not enough time!

I have tried to stay away from lists and go with the flow (much unlike my true self) so far, but I think a bucket list could be useful here!

Things to do before I leave CBS/NY



8 thoughts on “APAD #NYC: On a timebomb

  1. First of all.. i though you have less than one month.. wouldnt you be in bomaby way much before 26th december?
    I know its of no use to you.. but at least go visit atlantic city once..
    Sky dive for sure – ask narayan where, he did it when he was in US
    Visit Boston, Harvard and MIT, am sure you would have iit junta there. – See which harvard steps you like better 😛

    • No dude, landing on 25th Dec!

      Thanks for the suggestions! I especially like the last two 🙂

      AC – non-gambler, tee-totaller and not into gentlemen’s entertainment! No, it’s not for me

      Sky-diving point taken!

      Not sure if Harvard steps are worth braving the Bostonian Cold for

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