I cannot believe I have been in this place for a while and never went to Grove Street before! This place is amazing! there is this one corner on 7th ave where you can see Jazz bars in every direction!

One of those places is Arthur’s Tavern – an old Jazz club, which has witnessed some serious legends play!

It had an awesome feel to it – most of the people at the place were pretty old, so were the musicians (the same ‘Grove Street Stompers’ Dixieland Jazz band has been playing here every Monday since the past 35 years!)

"You can Tuna fish, but you can't tune a banjo"

“You can tuna fish, but you can’t tune a banjo”

They played oldstyle jazz and cracked those jokes that only veterans like them can pull off!

I ended up making a deal with the English woman sitting next to me (whose partner was one of the trumpet players) that the next time we meet, I’ll perform on stage with the musicians 🙂

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