APAD #NYC: Thanksgiving & Hanukkah #1

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

(Ok, I may have gotten carried away since this is my only one, but it was awesome by all standards)

This is apparently the first time in 3000 years that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day (unverified) – I was lucky that a friend invited me over to celebrate it with them!

The hosts: (l to r) Tammy, Rachel, Nadja

The hosts: (l to r) Tammy, Rachel, Nadja

It was everything I could expect from a first Thanksgiving!

Food. Games. Conversations. Music. More Food. = EPIC

I think this may count as the day when I learned the most number of games – some with Historic names like Egyptian Wars..and some with more contemporary ones like Sh**-Head and Bull-Sh** and some Mafia-like game called Resistance! (we skipped some weird ones called tongue-sticking-out, spoons, naked and monkeys)

The slap-happy Egyptian Wars!

During a session of Egyptian Wars!

This was obviously mixed with multiple rounds and helpings of food!

We organized a potluck, and totally overdid the whole food thing!

thanksgiving food!

Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Pasta, Ricecakes with Korean Sauce, Sushi, Vegetable Curry, Mashed potatoes and Cranberry sauce – Heaven!

And just when I thought, I could eat no more, they served Dessert(s) – Walnut and Apricot cake, Pumpkin pie with Whipped Cream and Coconut Custard pie – I was on a food high even before I could attack the coconut custard!

= sugar-rush

= sugar-rush

What made it even more awesome was the fact that the group was pretty ‘international’ as someone put it – people from USA, Mexico, Serbia, China..and of course, India


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