APAD #CBS: Nerdy Thing to do for the day #2

Talk about courses and lectures on the blog

But I cannot help but write about this one –  A course titled ‘Napolean’s Glance – the Art of Strategic Intuition’

Now I have always been skeptical about anything that has ‘strategy/strategic’ in their name – and that skepticism stayed for more than 1/3rd of the course..but with time I realized the value in what the Professor was trying to convey. By the end of the last lecture, which happened yesterday, it became my favourite course at the Business School.

Taught by Prof. Bill Duggan, the course tries to trace the origins of an ‘idea’ or a ‘flash of insight’ that is often the critical element in any story. And in that endeavour, he challenges many beliefs like ‘you learn from your mistakes’ and ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and almost everything that Disney movies stand for (at the risk for extreme opposition from the students) which are pretty much assumed to be axioms of life.

Prof. Duggan doing his thing

Prof. Duggan doing his thing


Pooling in wisdom from business, entrepreneurship, military history, even religious texts; Prof. Duggan tries to create a framework for getting that flash of insight – a major part of which consists of being ready for it, because you cannot control when it hits – but by the time the course ends, you realize, that this was not a course about strategic insights for a business or a company..it meant to teach us how to develop strategies for life*

I write this article as I take a break from working on a paper about how these learnings can be applied to management consulting – I think now I can tie it back to some discussions at BCG about the future of consulting and what it means for the firms


*This realization hit first when (to my great amusement and joy) he bashed the ideas presented in various self-help books



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