APAD #CBS: The Owl

I guess everyone knows about Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom (for those who don’t, well, she’s the Greek goddess of wisdom). The Alma Mater statue near the steps of low library in the campus of Columbia University, is supposed to be a sculpture of the said goddess – it also happens to be a beautiful piece of art by sculptor Daniel Chester (who is also credited with creating the Alma Mater statues for some other ivy league colleges)

Pretty good so far. So why is the post titled ‘the owl’?

Well, the Owl is the sacred bird of Athena and most depictions of the goddess show her with an owl.

Interesting piece of trivia. Why are you blogging about this?

That’s mostly because there is an Owl hidden somewhere in the Alma Mater sculpture in the folds of her robes. The picture below captures the epic moment when I find and pat the owl.IMG_3756

Why is the moment ‘epic’ again?

That’s because legend has it, that:

  1. The first person in the batch to find the owl becomes the valedictorian
  2. If you touch the owl, you will marry a Barnard girl
  3. Anyone who touches the owl will be endowed with infinite wisdom


  1. Valedictorian? Meh (I’m sure someone from the batch touched it before me..and I won’t be here for long anyway…not to mention the fact that I don’t care about it)
  2. Interesting proposition – need to dig deeper into this
  3. THIS I could really use! In case I have a choice, I go for #3

4 thoughts on “APAD #CBS: The Owl

  1. About point 1– But see, you are technically part of another batch…the one at IIMA…so πŸ™‚
    Don’t be too sure about choosing infinite wisdom though. Infinite Wisdom People are often really sad. Barnard girl sounds best πŸ™‚

  2. First, don’t take the liberty of posting irrational logic and hashtagging gujju logic. Have notified it to the underground community in New Jersy, G.U.J.J.U. So expect someone to thrown some oily undhiya bomb at you as you stroll through the lanes at NYC.
    Now, coming to the options, ALWAYS go for option 2. Never even take the risk of not finding a sapiosexual (a term i recently came by) girl. Though knowing its you, i’ll save my words of wisdom for someone who’s not too busy cuddling a statue lady in her robes.

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