APAD #CBS: Time-sink

So I have just one final paper left for Entrepreneurial Selling – a day’s work. I could finish it in less than a day and chill for the remainder of my time here…

So obviously, I procrastinated Ā šŸ˜›

Procrastination tool #1: CBS Follies!

I could literally spend a whole day watching ALL follies videos that exist (actually I did that..took less than a day :P)

Follies is basically a (often humorous, mostly parody) shows put together by students from the Business School <sarcasm>and they cover topics extremely relevant to today’s MBAs </sarcasm>

I could try to explain in greater what is it, but why waste time and space, when wordpress allows me to just embed a video!?

Procrastination tool #2: BWOG

Rachel introduced me to BWOG just a few days ago..and I have been hooked ever since! BWOG is the undergraduate online blog of Columbia University which is run, managed and funded entirely by students (the Spectator is the official online page I think). They have these articles/updates/gossip/free-food-alerts about everything noteworthy that goes on in Campus – and they have this odd sense of humor which totally resonates with me.

I decided to drop in during their last BWOG meet of the semester – they’re a bunch of really cool kids! I was surprised though to find out that no one from business school I talked to knew about it – they’re totally missing out!

Procrastination tool #3: The Blue and White

This is the print counterpart of BWOG (has different stuff though). Grabbed a copy when I went to the Hungarian pastry shop (another popular hang-out place for university students and profs alike) last weekend..and this has been responsible for knocking a couple of hours from my days.

Kindly take these away from me!

Kindly take these away from me!

I was pretty pumped when I finished the November edition – only to find that the December issue is out :-/

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