APAD #NYC: Substance Abuse

I was going through some old archives of BWOG, when I came across a post titled ‘The Senior Bucket list’ – with less than two weeks left here, this immediately caught my eye.

Along with the usual thins, there was an odd looking item on the link – ‘eat a spicy special’

On further digging, I figured it is a special type of (supremely spicy cajun turkey) sandwich that you get at a deli called West 109- Gourmet Deli. I wanted to know what is so special about this spicy sandwich, so I googled it, only to find that this sandwich has a sort of a CUlt status in the university! The sandwich is so freakishly addictive, that this place is fondly called Crack Del (..another theory attributes this name to the shady ‘dealings’ that often happen in the area)

Shady Business

Shady Business

Now I HAD to go check it out! So I walked this afternoon towards the Deli, all excited about this spicy sandwich – I found the Deli of course, but my excitement lasted a few seconds before I realized it had not even a single vegetarian item on its menu.

Not one to give up easily when it comes to matters related to food, I decided to ask the (intimidating) guy at the counter to make me a custom one. After repeating ‘No Meat’ thrice (and then no chicken, no turkey, no beef, no pork..just to be sure), I asked him to start making my sandwich one ingredient at a time (subway style). Even with two different varieties of picked jalapenos, the sandwich didn’t look really promising in the ‘spicy’ department..

Me: You have a spicy sauce right? put lots of it
Intimidating Guy at Counter (IGaC): Are you sure? [raises an eyebrow] it is very spicy!
Me: I am from India [slight smile]
IGaC: [grins at me] Oh, then you can handle it!


That’s the story of the very first spicy veggie single ever had in the history of Crack Del πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “APAD #NYC: Substance Abuse

  1. I once told a mexican deli in singapore the same, flaunting the indian apetitte for things that are spicy. He gave me the sauce whose name i cant even remember as it totally burnt my memory cells to death. Trust me, there are things that even we cant handle!!!
    P.S: Sorry to break it to you, but the veggie version does not look that appealing.

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