APAD: The Last one

Conversations, stories, (gallons of) Chai, running, offsetting all those burnt calories by a heavy intake of unsaturated fats (disguised as the choicest of sweets)…yes, I’m in India..

tea at tapri

Chai withMr. K

…and despite some NYC (and coffee) withdrawals, it feels good to be back!

Being back also means, this is going to be my last APAD. While it got tiring and time-consuming at times, I’m glad I did it; here’s why:

  1. It was a journal of my time at NYC: I have had some really awesome experiences there and I’m sure I would want to reminisce about the days some time. And as Khaled Hoseseini puts it, “Time can be a greedy thing-sometimes it steals the details for itself.” In such a case, my posts are going to help me go back to that time
  2. It pushed me to try new things: When I told my project leader at BCG about the exchange program, he gave me one (simple but extremely useful) piece of advice “Dive right in. From day one. Else, you’ll regret it”. And any night when I realized I had nothing to write for my APAD, it was a reminder that I probably wasn’t using my limited time there to its fullest
  3. It made me reflect on the day: I have always felt that it is important to think about the day gone by, if one wants to spend the next day in a better fashion. Writing a post every night made me stop and do just that
  4. It requires discipline: And I could really use some 🙂
  5. It made me appreciate photography: Did not make me any better at it, but I at least think about the direction of light before clicking a picture. For me, that’s a win


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