More power for your Electric Car

Another post on the IIMA Consult Club Blog – a perspective on how ‘range anxiety’ defines the dynamics of the Electric Vehicle industry

Consult Club @ IIMA


The Electric Car is hardly a new invention. In fact, they were very popular in the 1920s when Internal Combustion (IC) Engines suffered from drawbacks like excessive noise, vibration and the high cost of fuel. However, they left the limelight after the rise in popularity of IC engines due to the discovery of oil blocks in the USA and improvements in IC engine design. 

However, the resurgence in popularity of EVs, fuelled majorly by oil shocks and environmental movements warrants some attention. Even though the Electric Vehicles need a lot of factors working in their favor for them to gain an important position in the automobile market today, we feel there is one aspect which lies at the heart of the issue – the power system.

 The power system – the bottleneck in EV performance:

The performance of batteries and charging infrastructure are responsible for a majority of…

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