A day in the life: IIMA #2

I posted about my typical day during PGP1 some time back (although “there is no typical day at IIMA” is what the cliche suggests). It’s been a while after that and I’m almost nearing the end of my time here at this institute. Thought a post describing a day in PGP2 would be appropriate here – just to make the contrast between the two obvious, if nothing else!

4:30 am: ~head spinning with all the Hip-Hop, R&B and Trance blaring from the music system~ Back from a friend’s placement treat – two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’m going to miss these parties..now off to sleep!

6:30 am*: ALARM RINGS – Snooze #1

6:40 am: ALARM RINGS AGAIN – Snooze #2.. “aargh screw it”, pushes self out of bed. Calling a few friends while chewing on an apple  – not a very encouraging response…

7:15 am: Hits the gym**, only to find none of his friends turn up – going to be a lone gym day it seems! Anyway, on to the treadmill!

8:30 am: Back from the gym and rummaging through food supplies – finds nothing but bananas and milk <note-to-self: need to update my stash>

9:00 am: Meeting with a classmate (Mr. A) over breakfast at Bizarre – our nearby food joint. The agenda: conversations*** – about careers.  This is something I really enjoy about PGP2 – it leaves sufficient time to have these conversations; and provides some really awesome people to have conversations with! In this particular case, since both of us are going to join top consulting firms soon, it was pretty interesting how Mr. A approached it

11:30 am: ~gulps down his 4th cup of tea for the day~ Still talking – the conversation has moved away from careers and towards tech startups (Whatsapp’s $19 bn valuation, what?), fan-fiction, relationships, philanthropy, books, more books…midway through, we decided we need to do this more often – every Saturday in fact (till we leave the institute)

We will need to move to a larger table!

We will need to move to a larger table!

11:45 am: People came and people sat and people went – now we’ve starting charging for a seat at the table – one cup of tea! (tea count for the day = 6). We have an exchange student from France – and we suddenly discuss cultural differences between companies in India and Europe – specifically, how BCG and McKinsey (our respective firms) differ – very interesting insights – this much-discussed concept of the ‘firm-DNA’ makes no sense, considering that most candidates applied to all of these companies in most cases – but these common trends are too stark to be ignored!

1:30 pm: The ‘conversation’ finally ends with lunch

2:00 pm: A friend and PGP1 learning teammate is practicing at CT (an on-campus Cafe) for the Limca Book of Records for the longest drumming session (30 hours!) – he’s already done 15 and is going strong! (I am amazed at the kind of people that study with me – I almost feel guilty about not knowing so many of them, even after 2 years!). I pick up the guitar and jam with him for a while – channeling AC/DC and Nirvana while I’m at it 🙂

The Record happens in one week!

The Record happens in one week!

3:00 pm: Afternoon Nap! A luxury rarely enjoyed during first year (and probably at work too), I am on a mission to make full use of this small window of napping opportunity (the sun is too bright for sleeping on the grass though)

4:30 pm: Off to a friend’s room – listening to Kishore Kumar songs (we had a Classic Rock appreciation session the day before – it’s good to mix it up a bit!) and writing yearbook testimonials for friends – still can’t believe it will soon be time to say goodbye; more importantly, I didn’t think the hectic life here would allow for strong friendships to develop!

7:00 pm: Meeting with a friend – I’m helping him with content development for a social project .. “teaching students how to use the internet to become awesome” may be one way of portraying the problem statement. Pretty impressed by his vision of the state of education in the country – and the solution looks promising! Hopefully we’ll hear more about this sometime soon.

You know you're doing something really cool when work involves watching Iron_man videos

You know you’re doing something really cool when work involves watching Iron_man videos 🙂

9:00 pm: Another treat! This one is a little more low-key..just a small group of friends going out for dinner sponsored by Mr. K. I hog on the food, while sustaining a conversation with rothinzil regarding her regrets during the time here – it’s funny how most of us go through similar cycles of Existential Crises followed by extreme confidence about the future! I was on the latter peak (the food probably had a lot to do with it), but one regret I share with her – not getting to know some Professors as well I could have!

11:00 pm: A bunch of us decide to walk back to campus (the weather could not have been better!) – we walk through the peaceful roads of the Gujarat University campus – more conversations!

Midnight: ‘DING’ – the sound of the Bell at the University Tower striking midnight. We are almost at the campus – and we head over straight to tapri  – no day has passed in the last term when I haven’t hung out at tapri even once (tea count goes to 9!)

1:30  am: We head over to LKP lawns – to sit and gaze at the stars while continuing our talks. This time the grass is perfect for a nap (score!) 

2:30 am: Open my eyes and check the time – it’s time to retire!****

* Can’t seem to justify why I decided I should switch from my nocturnal schedule to a more ‘human’ sleep-cycle

** Yes, PGP2 is a good time to start on the ‘life’ part of the work-life balance!

*** Food.Music.Conversations – three things to live by!

**** I still haven’t attained enough wisdom to manage respectable sleep hours

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