And I saw the magic happen

Sunday morning, breakfast at Candies with two batchmates from IIMA (let’s call them A&B*). It’s been less than 3 months since they joined their jobs out of college and we were obviously talking about work, among other things

Me: So, A, what kind of products does X (the place where A works) deal with?

A: Well, mostly L, M, N, O but X is also involved in P, Q and R

B: Wait, did you say you do Q? Then you must also be managing S?

A: Yes, Q and S haven’t formed a major part of our revenues, but we do have teams working on it!

B: That’s brilliant! Y (the place where B works) has been looking to enter this segment, we have the resources to back us, but we lack experience in this field

A: So, what do you plan to do?

B: We were looking for someone with whom we could run in that industry as partners. Maybe we could look at doing that with X! This is excellent!

A: Yes, this sounds really good!

~A handshake for dramatic effect~


“The networks you form at this institute will be invaluable and will form your support system in the future”

– some speaker in some commencement speech at some business school somewhere

Demonstrated. The magic of (what you didn’t even call) networking.


So will X and Y partner together?
Not so sure, there are a lot of factors to consider

There would be companies other than X who could do this!
Almost certainly

Will A knowing B help X?
Not by much, this gave X the proverbial foot inside the door – they at least know about this opportunity now, but A&B are hardly powerful enough (yet) to affect decisions


Maybe, if this conversation happened 10 years hence, a headline in some business newspaper would read

Y makes entry into the Q,S segment. X to partner with them for implementation


*I know all these alphabets make it hard to follow the conversation. Pardon my paranoia over sensitivity of information and non-disclosure

Taking a cue from rothinzil’s comment,

Friends: A,B

Companies they work for: X,Y

Products/Segments: P,Q,R,S


2 thoughts on “And I saw the magic happen

  1. The language of this post reminds me of my high school C++ programming days.

    Person A, B;
    Company X, Y;

    A. worksFor=X.CompanyName;

    …and so on 😛

    (Now you know why I had to leave software development to better people.)

    Anyway, an observant post and great to see you back !

    • Haha, now that I think about it, it does look like a piece of C++ code 🙂 You know what, I’m actually going to take a cue from what you said and define A,B,X,Y et. al.

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