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APAD: The Last one

Conversations, stories, (gallons of) Chai, running, offsetting all those burnt calories by a heavy intake of unsaturated fats (disguised as the choicest of sweets)…yes, I’m in India.. …and despite some NYC (and coffee) withdrawals, it feels good to be back! Being back also means, this is going to be my last APAD. While it got … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: turnaround

In a few hours I’ll be on a plane back to India, probably peering through a similar view from the window and thinking about the past four months… If I think about it, there’s so much that happened and that I experienced in this time, yet, it all seems like a blur!

APAD #CBS: On coffee and conversations #5

Now that the semester is officially over and everyone from the business school is seeking shelter in the comfort of their homes with family and friends, coffee&conversations were the last thing on my mind when I walked into Watson last time. And CBS proved me wrong by introducing me to yet another awesome CBSer! … Continue reading

APAD #NJ: The City of Blinding Lights

..Atlantic City! I was never a fan of all these flashy Neon Signs, but I need to give it to AC – that place is pretty awesome, even during an off-season! And the casino – the casino is a living example of behavioural economics in action! In (what statistics would recommend is) a rare event, … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Adios, first years!

I had most of my classes and events with second year students at the Business School, I hardly got time to figure out how awesome the first years were! Well, that’s what parties are for 🙂

APAD #CBS: The well..wet underground

Punny rock-band references aside, the ‘wet underground’ in this case refers to the now-popular, yet, barely-accessible and rarely-visited tunnels! <Trivia: Columbia university buildings are connected by a series of underground tunnels, which, over the years have been used as nuclear shelters, transport passages for scientists working on the Manhattan project, for heating systems and pipes, transporting … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Let’s go Nets!

First NBA game. The Amazing Barclays Center. Awesome company. A close finish. Could this get any better?*  *to answer my own rhetorical question, The Brooklyn Nets could have won..that would have been awesome

APAD #NYC: Anybody can cook…

..especially ‘ratatouille’ It’s farewell time already (Mark left, Am’s leaving soon, so are most of the other people at the business school)..and what better way to spend the last few days than cook a nice little meal together! Of course, the fact that it was snowing outside made hanging indoors a more attractive proposition! (not … Continue reading