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APAD #CBS: Random but Awesome

Random stuff keeps happening at the university campus here, a few cases in point – these happened yesterday: A grown man in a Diaper: I was in the Uris lobby (the Business School Building) right after my classes, when this man dressed as an infant (picture below) appears out of nowhere and sings birthday wishes … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: On core competencies

So, tonnes of management literature suggest that every individual should have a core-competency – something that makes them valuable – or something they can sell! And during a session by the Public Speaking Association of Columbia Business School, I found mine. It was an event called the BullSh** Competition – basically, you come on stage, … Continue reading

What have you learnt from Gunda ?

Warning! This is meant only for a Gunda-watching audience! Any misunderstanding of the intended meaning is entirely a concern of the viewer. I had made this presentation as part of my project on Principles of Management These are just a few insights i could gain from the movie! The Holy Grail of intelligence that the … Continue reading

How to screw up a Song in 3 easy steps

I performed at Goonj (Hindi Band event IIT Bombay) last week, and was watching the music videos of the event. And of all the things that people learn from Jams and Performances, this is what I learned: Step 1: Don’t do a sound check Step 2: Hire a sound-guy who forgets to turn up the … Continue reading