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And I saw the magic happen

Sunday morning, breakfast at Candies with two batchmates from IIMA (let’s call them A&B*). It’s been less than 3 months since they joined their jobs out of college and we were obviously talking about work, among other things Me: So, A, what kind of products does X (the place where A works) deal with? A: Well, … Continue reading

IIM Ahmedabad: Reflections

So, 2 years at IIMA are now over, and 2 months hence, it is still taking me some time to let it all sink in. The place felt so much at home, that now when I sit at the window in my house, sipping my coffee and trying to reflect on the time gone by, … Continue reading

A day in the life: IIMA #2

I posted about my typical day during PGP1 some time back (although “there is no typical day at IIMA” is what the cliche suggests). It’s been a while after that and I’m almost nearing the end of my time here at this institute. Thought a post describing a day in PGP2 would be appropriate here … Continue reading

On blogs that inspire

It happens quite often, that you happen to be in the middle of something really amazing – but in the race to stay in there, you forget this fact – this feeling of being a part of this amazing thing – and the rare occasion when the realization hits, you feel guilty for having lived … Continue reading

A farewell to the batch of 2013

We had our CorpoD (a traditional dinner before we bid adieu to our dorm seniors) yesterday, when a batchmate, Tejas recited this poem that I really loved. Reproducing it below   You came here as a student with high hopes, A chance to earn money, a chance to land a good job, The hoax may … Continue reading

Decision Making under Uncertainty, in Life!

I had intended to write this post in my personal journal, as a reminder to myself, but I am publishing it with the hope that it will be useful to others too.. We have this course called Decision Making under Uncertainty (DMUU); which basically teaches you to look at the expected payoff from any decision, … Continue reading

IIM Ahmedabad Lesson #1: Priority

Before most students jump to apply accounting formulae or decision making trees of even statistical models as a conditioned response, we need to step back – the problem is not optimization – it is PRIORITIZATION! Slot 4 is finally here, and it has brought ample time to ponder about life, the universe and everything …and … Continue reading

A day in the life: IIM A

This article was originally written for this blog. A slightly modified version was later posted on IIMA’s Official Blog  It is true what they say about the institute – Grades, Social Life, Sleep – choose 2 /3…. to demonstrate what happens when you try to get all three, let me post about the past 24 … Continue reading